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What Is The Spiffy Directory?

The Spiffy Directory is the preeminent homebrew website. We created the Spiffy Directory as a free, comprehensive platform to distribute and download homebrew software. Our forums foster a growing community of developers and end-users seeking to create and find apps that make life easier.

For Developers

Have an app to share? Complete our simple, no-cost registration to upload your proprietary homebrew software for others to download and enjoy. Our directory assigns each app a unique URL that users can access directly in the app to check for updates and new versions. Additionally, the Spiffy Directory automatically creates a forum topic for every uploaded app. This forum allows the Spiffy community to help you detect bugs and provide valuable feedback on how to improve the software.

For Registered Users

Want to help fellow users? Registered users are an integral part of the Spiffy community. Register today and immediately start providing valuable feedback and information for others. You can join forum discussions, post source code, publish how-to guides, and help make the Spiffy community the go-to resource homebrew apps and support.

For Guests

Not ready to register? Anyone can freely browse and download software from the Spiffy Directory - with or without a registered login. From custom apps for consoles to decryption and conversion software, our directory hosts an endless array of homebrew software that allows you to maximize and simplify your tech.

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